Tuesday, April 15, 2014

sunday afternoon

Dress: Calypso St. Barth; Hat: J.Crew; Sandals: Witchery; Bag: Everlane; Jacket: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Chloe (on sale!)

As part of my New Year's resolutions, I really want to make a conscious effort to disconnect more this year and try to find a better work, life, and yes, even social media balance. What I'm finding is that a little bit of routine (and a lot of self control) goes a long way. Lately, I've been making myself stick to a late Sunday afternoon regimen -- and it's relatively simple actually. I'll head out to Crissy field or Fort Funston for a little beach time with Elvis, usually with a good book or magazine and catch the sunset. 

As trivial as it may sound, sometimes you have to remind yourself that you don't need to check your email for a few hours -- the world will (and definitely does!) keep spinning. What I love about disconnecting on Sundays in particular is that it's extremely easy to just "get a jump start" on the week ahead on Sunday afternoons (which my guy affectionately calls my 'Sunday blues'), that you end up short changing yourself valuable down time. In general, I feel far more refreshed and ready to tackle my week after I take just those few hours for myself.

I'm curious -- what do you guys do to disconnect? 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Dress: Dior (similar style here); Bag: Chanel; Shoes: J.Crew; Sunglasses: Celine; Lips: Stila "Beso"

While this is somewhat of a departure from my typical style (too demure just doesn't work on me), I have to admit, this dress stopped me in my tracks when I spotted it at Saks. In the sale section. Yes. In the sale section. My first assumption was that it was misplaced and that I should keep walking. Until I saw the redline price (with an additional 30% off on top of that for just the weekend). And before I knew it, I was trying it on and telling my life story to the sales associate.

It's my first (and likely only for now) Dior piece, and if you read my thoughts on the classics here, you know I've been looking to streamline my wardrobe as of late, only buying pieces that truly excite me and have staying power. What drew me initially to this dress was the color (perfect for spring weddings and Easter gatherings coming up), but what hooked me was the subtle architecture of it -- essentially classic, turned slightly on its head. It's a staple spring dress that still makes a statement.

As far as it being too demure? Well that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it's fun to channel your inner ladies who brunch but I can also picture this working well with a leather jacket and strappy heels. Uptown meets downtown.

What pieces in your wardrobe really excite you? Would love to hear!

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