Friday, July 31, 2015

behind every great woman {ladies in levis}

Behind every great woman, is a great pair of jeans.

Like most kids growing up in smaller, suburban towns, back to school shopping meant everyone piling into the car during one of the hottest weekends at the end of August to go to the mall. And more specifically, especially between the grades of about 4th and 8th, we'd head to Miller's Outpost for jeans. (Whoa, throwback, does anyone else remember Miller's Outpost? I'm clearly dating myself here.)

Confession: Jean shopping was always my favorite (shoes were a close second). Personally, I think it boiled down to the display: a floor to ceiling wall full of denim upon denim, each stack slightly different from the last. Distressed. Dark wash. Light rinse. Boot cut. Flared. Straight leg. Relaxed. Skinny. Low rise. High rise. You get the picture. Lots of possibilities that almost begged the sartorial question, who do you want to be this year? And regardless of what jean phase was of the moment, I always came back to Levis. 

For that reason, I've been a Levis gal for as long as I can remember. The fit, the durability, the price point have made them a mainstay in my denim rotation for years -- and I love how they've practically grown up with me (or perhaps it's the other way around?). Either way, when they asked me to be a part of their latest women's denim line launch, I practically jumped at the chance. (OK, more like I pinched myself and then jumped.)

We snapped these photos a few weeks back on one of those crisp, but still warm New York afternoons -- the kind that make you feel like anything could happen and in a way, that anything is usually staring at you right in the face. Like a wall full of possibilities, asking you how are you going to crush today? 

And then you crush it.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

42 things to buy now from the nordstrom anniversary sale {a procrastinator's guide}

By now (unless you've been shopping under a rock), you've seen numerous round ups on numerous blogs for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, going on now until August 3rd. And by now, you've probably already scoured most of it. And also by now, you're probably wondering if there's anything good left.

Well, let me tell you. There is! About 42 items to be exact. 

True to form when it comes to sales, I jumped on board the minute early access was available for card holders. And then naturally got a bit overwhelmed and left my open browser tabs to gather dust for a few weeks. Now I'm back, doing the final sweep so you don't have to. Here are a few of my favorites still left on those proverbial sale racks. Please, no throwing elbows though, ladies!

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